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We Focus on REVENUE, not number of links and rankings.




As a team of well-trained, strategic and knowledgeable SEO Experts in the Philippines, we promise RESULTS and GUARANTEED WEBSITE OPTIMIZATION AT AFFORDABLE COST!

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We are an international team of internet marketing experts with branches in South Africa (ZA) and Mexico (MX). We can work with you 24/7 and we can attend to your needs as soon as you make contact with us.

As we said before:

We Focus on REVENUE, not number of links and rankings.

Most SEO companies got it wrong. They focus on the quantity of links and rankings rather than creating revenue for their customers.

The truth is Google has evolved tremendously over the past years. Old SEO has long gone and it will hurt you if you continue using it.

Who cares how many ranking #1s you have, if no one is searching for those keywords and they are not giving you any sales?

Bad SEO can hurt you!

It is true, negative SEO hurts. Some SEO guys use dodgy techniques to squat Google and make trashy websites rank. Some of these tactics work but not for long. Any Google algorithm update will squash them down to the bottom and they will never see their websites rank again.

Too much back linking tactic no longer works. One quality back linkoutperforms 1000 trashy links.

So, what exactly do you need?

As a business owner, you are looking for a return on your investment (ROIs) and not some crazy promises about ranking keywords blah… blah… blah…

You are looking for more leads and prospects to buy your products and services!

Let’s focus on what’s important.

Getting more leads, increasing sales,  satisfied customers that MAKE you more money.

And, we understand that!

The secret to become successful online is by being seen as the market leader to both buyers and search engines.

When you become the market leader, it doesn’t matter how frequent Google changes its algorithm. The fact is, you are safe because you have authority – your immunity ticket towards any algorithm update (panda, penguin and hummingbird). And we have done SEO the right way.

So, try to be safe nowadays….


What We Offer?




toxic link removal

We are excited to introduce to you our newest service that will help turbocharge your campaigns.

We now include toxic links removal into our Shock and Awe Campaign to help websites that are badly hurt by Google recover. We will remove all toxic links that are coming to your website and prevent them from harming your site once again.

This service will be helpful if:

  • You use back linking tools that SPAM your sites with low quality links.
  • You’ve used a low-budget SEO company who sent massive amounts of low quality back links to your money site.
  • Your site has been marked as SPAM due to trash links from SPAM sites.
  • You have difficulty ranking your site and had done years of SEO to no avail.

There are lots of factors that may be affecting your website’s rankings. One of the best ways to start is by removing all the bad links that are linking to it.

If you notice your site gets stuck and you are wondering why, then you might be having poor links coming to your site that cause some kind of penalty and thus preventing your money site from ranking.

With our toxic link removal service, we will find the bad links and negative SEO in your site and remove them.

We also offer this service as a stand alone package

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seo expert in the Philippines


Be the master in the search engine results, dominate the competition through our guaranteed and tested seo services. Davao SEO is the only search engine optimization company in Davao Philippines that offers 100% clean, authentic website ranking to clients.


Our local search marketing services provide targeted traffic to companies and businesses that are looking to target geographical or local markets, and not the world wide audience. Through utilizing Google-powered apps like Google Maps and Google Places, mobile marketing and localized online marketing strategies, we will drive traffic to your doorsteps. We will laser-target your selected market groups and position your business right in front of them.


Dominate the social media platforms, e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus, etc. with our highly strategic Social Media Marketing techniques. We will capture targeted social media audience to your SM accounts that would serve as instrument in driving more traffic through your front doors. We all know that majority of the market uses social media. Because of the number, it could be difficult to spot or target specific market. It’s like finding a needle in a haystack. But we know how to find them and magnetize specific audience.


Steal clicks and captivate online visitors through your well-designed and user-friendly web pages. Davao SEO provides excellent web design and web development services along with our on-page optimization technique to help search engine spiders find your website and rank specific keywords faster.

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